Physicochemical, Ex Vivo and Invertebrate Tests and Analysis Centre

About Us

PEVITAC was founded by Prof Vitaliy Khutoryanskiy with Dr Roman Moiseev and is based at the University of Reading. It has a unique set of expertise and specialised equipment to evaluate the muco- and bioadhesive, toxicological, physicochemical and mechanical properties of various chemicals, materials and formulations.

Our Services

PEVITAC offers contract-research testing services for assessment of specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and toiletries, agrochemicals and pollutants:

1. Consultancy

Toxicological and physicochemical properties of different ingredients and formulations (literature reviews, toxicity reports, analysis of formulations and drug delivery systems)

2. Muco-
and bioadhesive properties

Adhesion to mucosal membranes, skin and other surfaces, and retention on these surfaces; agrochemicals adhesion and retention on foliage surfaces

3. Drug/particle penetration studies

Penetration of small molecules, nano- and microparticles into/through biological tissues and various materials

4. Physicochemical characterisation

Particle and surfaces characterisation, thermal analysis, spectroscopy, microscopy, texture, morphology and mechanical testing

5. Toxicological assessment

Screening of specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and toiletries, pollutants and agrochemicals using ex vivo mammal tissues and live invertebrates

6. Biological activity

Testing biological activity of chemicals and formulations in live planaria, daphnia, artemia salina, paramecium


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